Bedhead Hats

The BEST sun protection ever! And the most comfortable fit!

Bedhead hats have been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4399, where a UPF rating of 50+ Excellent Protection was reported. All bedhead styles that comply with this rating are ticketed with the swing tag pictured below. NOTE: Due to the nature of reflected or scattered ultraviolet radiation, hats and caps can not necessarily provide adequate protection so we still recommend using other protection such as sunscreen.

No floppy brims anymore!

The bedhead hat brim has been specially developed to stay firm and remain out of the child's eye line. The major downfall of most hats is a floppy brim. Once a child is frustrated by their vision being restricted, the hat is most always pulled off.
Stretch for a perfect fit!

Stretch lycra and stretch cotton content allows for perfect fit every time. Babies head sizes are all different. They grow differently too. By making the hats with this resilient stretch fibre – the hat grows with the child.

Bedhead hats keep babies cool!
The high quality cotton stretch jersey material has over 90% cotton fibre content which allows the hat fabric to breathe and allow self cooling.
Start your babies young with wearing hats and they won’t want to remove them.

YES - these hats fit from newborn! The smallest hats start at just 37cm head circumference so you can start protecting your baby right from the start!