Ems for Kids

Infant, Kids and Baby Ear Muffs

Babies need protection from sound and our baby ear muffs do just that. Babies need protection from the harsher elements of this brand new world that their body and senses aren’t fully used to yet. When it comes to loud noises, your children’s sensitive ears can occasionally be overwhelmed, especially by things such as loud traffic, crowds, or even when you pass by a construction site. Our baby ear muffs very effectively block out all harmful loud noises, however, without blocking out other ambient sounds, such as your voice or music that you may be playing for your kid. Our baby ear muffs for kids are quite simply incredible – they are extremely light, weighing only 100 grams in total! Even if you look around the market for other kids ear muffs, the quality and calibre of our products stand for itself.

Ear Muffs For Babies Australia Wide

We ship Ems 4 Kids and Ems 4 Bubs Australia wide as well as servicing the local event: Townsville 400 - V8 Supercars event. The baby ear muffs are also proving popular for the T150 Townsville Air Show which is coming in October.

For the baby ear muffs - a durable elastic headband ensures that the pressure applied by the ear muffs for babies is evenly distributed around your child’s head for the best levels of comfort, and honestly, with a very significant 22 decibel noise reduction, you can be sure that your baby’s ears will never be in any pain due to excessively loud noises. When it comes to your baby’s health, nothing but the best should suffice. As parents ourselves, we understand that, and as such deliver to you nothing but the best baby ear muffs for your child.