Little Chillies


Little Chillies is an Australian label, made in Melbourne. It was conceived during early 2009 following the birth of a beautiful baby girl (Amélie), whose mother’s shoe fetish became redirected toward her baby’s tiny toes.

Nanna soon became involved to form a three generational team of designer/crafter, seamstress/sampler and model. With an additional 35+ years of sewing experience on the team, the shoe range quickly extended to include complementary garments and other accessories. With invaluable design and manufacturing expertise from Amelie’s father, Little Chillies has become a family business.

Little Chillies are largely influenced by vintage styling and French fabrics. We love revisiting the past, drawing inspiration from classic designs, and adding our own twist. We have a passion for natural fibres, gorgeous high-quality fabrics, meticulous detailing and all things beautiful!