Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby is the creation of illustrator and author Kate Knapp who is a Queensland author and here in Townsville we are proud to be the official stockist of all things Ruby. We have the entire collection of the latest and prettiest Tea Collection. Kate lives amongst the branches of the Twigseeds Studio creating her beautiful books and Ruby products such as the new Ruby Goes to London Tea Sets, Ruby Child's Aprons, Ruby Red Shoes Pencil Cases, Ruby Red Shoes Coin Purses and many more beautiful pieces that any Ruby lover will adore and want to add to their growing collection.


Through the magic of reading Ruby Red Shoes has become an Australian favourite book.


Ruby Red Shoes is a delightful white hare who lives in a prettily painted caravan with her grandmother.

Ruby is gentle and kind, cheery and enchanting. She loves animals and people, trees and nature, flowers and sunshine.

Ruby is particularly partial to strawberry jam and peppermint tea. She is also rather fond of red shoes.


Be sure to get your organic Ruby Red Shoes Doll to start your collection. Ruby is now the proud ambassador of Australian Organic.

Little children will love a tea party with their very own melamine Ruby Red Shoes Plates and delicate china tea cups and saucers and delightful tea pots which they could put raspberry cordial or raspberry tea to serve their guests. Ohhh and we mustn't forget the sweetest little china Ruby Goes to London Cake Plates. 

Ruby says she could imagine children having the most delightful afternoon tea or high tea with their own grandmothers with the new Ruby Goes to London Tea Collection items.

Be sure to add some Ruby love to your child's life today. 


We at Angelfish Dragonfly are happy to be able to present the entire range of Ruby Red Shoes products for your next special keepsake gifts.