Snails - Safe Nails

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Snails nail polish is free from harmful chemicals.  The natural main ingredients for the nail polish formula are: Water, Acrylic Polymer and Non Toxic colorants.

Little girls will adore wearing these sensational coloured nails just like mummy.  Meanwhile you'll love that your kids can experiment with nail polish safely and easily.  When dress up time is over it is easily washable - simple soap and water will remove from your gorgeous girls' nails. You won't need to worry if the polish gets spilt on anything - simple wash up.

100% Made in Europe - Snails kids nail polishes meet the strictest safety standards around the world.

The bottles are lead free and crafted from fine Italian glass.

Add a coat of clear and the polish will last for a few days.

Perfect for pregnant women who are cautious of chemicals on their skin.

Let your little ones use Snails - safe nails with confidence your children are safe from nasty chemicals.