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sundicators measure your daily dose of UVA & U VB (broad spectrum) exposure. Putting sunscreen on the sundicator mimics the SPF protection the sunscreen is giving your body – there is no more guessing.

  • Colour changes are UV activated
  • Sunscreen is applied to skin and the Stickers or Bands
  • sundicators are single-use
  • Waterproof – works in fresh and salt water
  • Works with any sunscreen – cream, spray or lotion

Sundicators make it fun and easy to remember to reapply sunscreen and when to get avoid the sun or cover up.

Step-by-step Guide :-

Wrist Band

Step 1: Activate

Activate the Sticker or Band by exposing it to direct sunlight for 3 minutes.  

When new from the pack sundicators are white (as below).  When fully activated, the Band will turn deep purple and the Sticker will turn bright blue (as Step. 2)

Step 2: Apply Sunscreen to sundicator
Secure Wristband or place Sticker on wrist or clothing. When sundicators turns dark purple/bright blue, apply sunscreen to the product and allow 15 minutes for sunscreen to dry before getting sundicator wet. 

Step 3: Reminder to Reapply
When the sundicator begins to turn to a lighter colour, this is your reminder to reapply sunscreen. Reapply to the sundicator and your skin at the same time, following the exact directions on your sunscreen label. 

Step 4: Cover Up or Avoid Sun 
Cover your skin or avoid the sun when the sundicator turns to an off-white or cream colour. You have reached your maximum recommended daily UVA & UVB exposure. Your sundicator has finished monitoring UV and is not reusable.

Sticker Fitting Instructions

  1. APPLY Sticker to the back of a DRY, CLEAN hand or clothing.
  2. APPLY sunscreen liberally and evenly to all exposed skin 15-20 minutes before sun exposure.
  3. ACTIVATE Sticker by removing cover and exposing it to direct sunlight. It will change to dark blue within 3 minutes and allow 15 minutes before getting Sticker wet.
  4. REAPPLY sunscreen to your skin and the Sticker when the Sticker changes a lighter blue.
  5. COVER UP or AVOID of the sun when the Sticker changes to cream or off white. You have reached your maximum daily UV exposure. Your Sticker has finished monitoring UV and is not reusable.


  • This product DOES NOT contain sunscreen and DOES NOT protect against sunburn. It is recommended you always use sunscreen, wear protective clothing, a broad brimmed hat and sunglasses when out in the sun and that sunscreen is reapplied at least every 2 hours.
  • DO NOT WAIT for Sticker to change colour. Stickers are non-toxic; to prevent mouthing, chewing, choking, DO NOT USE on children under 3 years old. Stickers should not be used by children without adult supervision.
  • Hypoallergenic Sticker is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • DO NOT APPLY Stickers to face, injured or damaged skin
  • APPLY hand cream to skin around Sticker to remove more gently